Our characteristic for term 3 is Responsibility.



Playball is a sport and movement program. The programme is taught in a fun-filled, energetic and positive environment. This is a fun and structured program engaging children in physical ball skill activities.

Why is it beneficial to your child?

The medium of sports is used to improve motor development, increase concentration, build muscle tone, improve hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and improve balance along with countless life skills. At Playball your children learn persistence, courage, responsibility, teamwork, self worth, and numerous other attributes. Playball motivates children to participate in sports and sparks an interest in physical activity.


A creative and engaging approach to movement encouraging your child to learn and develop in a safe FUNtastic environment. Monkeynastix is a broad-based holistic programme that combines creativity and music with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination and body awareness.
Why is Monkeynastics beneficial to your child?
Additionally to the above mentioned reasons Monkeynastix also enhances teaching your child healthy living habits.
Emotional intelligence e.g. respect for yourself and others.
Social Skills and Good Manners e.g. saying please and thank you and waiting for your turn.
Environmental Awareness e.g. conserves water.
Healthy Habits e.g. sun protection and general hygiene.
(These classes are offered as an optional extramural for children attending Topolino Pre-Primary)


This programme focuses and concentrates on physical, mental, social and rugby-based skills, while teaching the children the importance of safety whilst practising the sport.  A fun, positive, energetic and stimulating environment is created in order to ensure that the children develop life skills, social and team skills in a constructive and balanced manner.

Why is this program beneficial to your child?

It develops physical fitness, strength and skills development development from an early age.  This program allows your child early exposure to correct rugby skills and techniques while enhancing the importance of a healthy life style.  This program teaches your child social skills like sportsmanship and cooperation while promoting a healthy sense of competition and motivation.  By being part of a sports program, self-esteem and self worth are established and maintained.  Sport requires memorisation, repetition and learning, these skills being directly relevant to class activities.  Other important life skills are learned through this programme e.g.  team work, effective communication, goal setting, and determination.

(This program is incorporated into the Topolino Pre-Primary syllabus, for all boys in the Grade R classes.)




At Topolino, sport is considered to be part of the syllabus and therefore compulsory for all the gr. 1, 2 and 3 boys and girls. Eye-hand co-ordination, balance, team work, learning to win (and lose), valuable skills needed for tennis, soccer, hockey, cricket, netball and rugby, amongst other things, are some of the benefits of doing sport.

In the first and fourth terms, the grades 1 to 3 play mini cricket on Tuesdays. They learn to play mini cricket (a wonderful way of learning the basics of the cricket game, and having lots of fun at the same time). The girls enjoy it as much as the boys, and do not miss practices! Each age group is coached by a teacher, or parent. Every child has an opportunity to field, bowl and bat. The children play a number of mini cricket games against neighbouring schools.

On Thursdays the children have ‘ball skills’ in which they are taught skills needed in rugby, netball, hockey, tennis and soccer. They are divided into smaller groups and move from one activity station to another. Each activity station has a teacher, or parent, who works with the group and presents a particular activity using a variety of sports equipment.

Not only is it a wonderful way to introduce young children to sport (without unnecessary pressure to perform) but Topolino’s proud sporting achievements are a testimony to how well the skills are honed in the early years. The children are inspired to live a healthy, more active, life in the process.


Topolino spog met 5 krieket spanne. Ons juniors bestaan uit o/7, o/8, o/9 wat mini- krieket speel.  Hand- oog koordinasie word hier bevorder vir seuns en dogters liga.  Die krieket seisoen is in die 1ste en 4de kwartaal. Ons seniors bestaan uit  o/11 en o13 seuns spanne wat in ons eie krieketnette oefen.  Ons 2 senior spanne neem  deel in die Weskus-liga.


Basic tennis skills are introduced in Gr. 1 and 2 as part of the ball skills lessons.

Basiese tennisvaardighede begin in gr.1 en 2 tydens balvaardigheid.

Tennis coaching for Gr. 3’s takes place during school, once a week in terms 1 and 4.

Senior tennis coaching takes place in terms 1 and 4 at the Mykonos courts. We have 3 tennis groups catering to the different levels of the learners. As we are part of the B league, we play weekly matches against schools in the surrounding areas. Professional tennis coaching is also available through Solo Tennis Academy.

Tennis vind in kwartaal 1 en kwartaal 4 plaas. Ons het 3 verskillende tennisgroepe volgens leerders se vaardighede en ontwikkeling. Tennisafrigting vind plaas op Mykonos se bane.

Ons speel weekliks wedstryde in die B-liga teen omliggende skole. Blootstelling aan tennis klinieke is vrywillig en gereeld beskikbaar.


Topolino moedig graag seuns en dogters aan om deel te wees van ons skool se golf. Ons golfseisoen is reg deur die jaar.  Mnr. Tiaan Genade rig al ons golfers Maandag af op die Mashiebaan in Langebaan.  Ons 2 spanne speel in die Mashie Skole-liga.



Cross country running is a form of off-road running which takes place all year round. It is an excellent platform from which all athletes can build their fitness and stamina. School practices are held twice a week after school. Park runs form part of our training on Saturday mornings. Races are held during the winter terms.


Paddling offers children the opportunity to learn the sport of canoeing on our beautiful Langebaan lagoon. Private lessons are held on the weekends. Nikita Meintjes, the paddling coach, can be contacted on 078 667 0016 for more information.


Rugby vaardighede word alreeds aangeleer  in Gr R.  Die rugbyseisoen is in die 2de en 3de kwartaal. Ons rugby oefeninge is Dinsdae en Donderdae op ons Topolino sportveld. Liga-wedstryde vind gewoonlik op Donderdae plaas en ons het ook sekere Saterdae buiteliga- wedstryde.

Leerders word gereeld geroteer.  Ons streef daarna om vir elke leerder die geleentheid te gee om deel  te wees van ‘n span en dan ook deel te wees van ‘n wedstryd.

Beheerliggaam vir skole rugby is SARU. Rugby is as sportsoort geaffilieër en volg die volgende stappe t.o.v. proewe: Dorpsproewe, Weskusproewe, Wes- Bolandproewe en Boland. Alle afrigters moet BOKSMART geakkrediteer wees.

 Lle. wat in hierdie jaar sewe  word, sal  0/7 speel. Leerders wat in hierdie jaar agt word- sal 0/8 speel. Leerders wat hierdie jaar nege word- sal 0/9 speel. Tien jariges en elfjariges speel 0/11. Twaalf- en dertienjariges speel 0/13. 0/14 leerders moet by hoërskole speel.

Rugbytruie is die eiendom van die skool en moet na wedstryde aan die afrigter besorg word.

Alle spelers moet ‘n wit of navy mondskerm dra.

Indien speler ‘n skrumpet dra moet dit wit/swart/navy wees.

Alle spelers  speel in navy rugbybroekies. Slegs 0/13 moet ‘n navy en wit broekie hê. Spelers mag nie in ‘n skoolbroekie speel nie.

Geen “second skins” en” tights” mag by hul sportdrag uitsteek nie.

Seuns moet ‘n Topolino toksak hê om hul benodigdhede langs die veld daarin te bêre, klere kan nie net langs die veld gelos word nie.


Ons leerders word alreeds in hulle GrR  blootgestel aan netbal tydens Playball.

Netbal word in die tweede en derde kwartaal aangebied. Oefeninge vind plaas by Mykonos netbalbane op Dinsdae en Donderdae, en Donderdae vind ons ligawedstryde plaas.  Kinders word gereeld roteer, en probeer ons sover moontlik om ‘n A en B span per ouderdomsgroep in die veld te stuur. Topolino streef daarna om elke leerder in ons skool die geleentheid te gee om deel te wees van ‘n span en ook ‘n wedstryd geleentheid te kry.

Gedurende die tweede kwartaal neem ons o/11, o/12 en o/13 span deel aan die Dorpsproewe.  Gedurende hierdie proewe word netbalspelers wat goeie netbalvaardighede vertoon verkies om verder te beweeg na uitdunne om selfs tot by die Bolandspan te vorder.

Geselekteerde o/11, o/12 en o/13 dogters neem deel aan die Buiteskole-liga.

Beheerliggaam van netbal is SASN. Netbal  is as sportsoort geaffilieer en volg die volgende stappe t.o.v. proewe:  Dorpsproewe, Saldanhaproewe, Weskusproewe, Wes- Bolandproewe en Boland.

Lle. wat in hierdie jaar sewe  word sal 0/7 speel. Leerders wat in hierdie jaar agt word sal 0/8 speel. Leerders wat hierdie jaar nege word sal 0/9 speel. Ons het ook 0/10, 0/11, 0/12, 0/13 spanne. 0/14 leerders moet by hoërskole speel.

  • Leerders speel in Topolino netbaldrag soos by Eldorina beskikbaar.
  • Leerders dra navy “hotpants” broekie onder rompie, wat nie langer as die rompie is nie.
  • Geen oorbelle, horlosies of ringe is toelaatbaar nie.
  • Spelers se naels moet kort wees.
  • Spelers dra Topolino netbal-rugsak na wedstryde, sodat klere nie rondlê en verlore raak nie.


Topolino spog met ses hokkiespanne.

o/9 seuns en dogters.

o/11 seuns en dogters.

o/13 seuns en dogters.

Hokkie is ‘n wintersport en word in die 2de en 3de kwartaal gedoen.

Ons leerders word vanaf  gr.1 blootgestel aan hokkie tydens balvaardigheid. Mini-hokkie word amptelik vanaf graad 3 gespeel.  Ons hokkiespanne speel liga-wedstryde teen omringende skole. Ons oefen op Topolino sportveld sowel as op Mykonos se astro-baan.

Ons speel hokkie van 0/9 af. Dus moet alle leerders wat in die huidige jaar 9 word by die oefengroepie aansluit. 0/9 speel mini-hokkie en seuns en dogters speel apart [6/8 per span]

Ons het twee gekombineerde 0/10 en 0/11 spanne van 11 spelers – seuns en dogters apart. Ons het ‘n 0/12 en 0/13 span van 11 spelers – seuns en dogters apart.

  • Hokkiesokkies by skool te koop.
  • “Shinpads” en navy of wit mondskerm ‘n vereiste
  • Eie heuplengte hokkiestok en gemerkte hokkiebal.
  • Hokkiedrag net soos netbaldrag – slegs sokkies verskil.
  • Doelwagter dra spesiale uitrusting deur skool verskaf.
  • Topolino rugsakke /toksakke is gepas.



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